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  • EntoJesse

    Hi Dansitu,

    I don't know if you remember me, but we spoke quite some time at the Insects to feed the world conference in Ede-Wageningen. It's great to see you're having this forum and a great business! I have being a member for a few days now and all of a sudden I recognized your profile picture; what a coincidence! How's life in California? And has the conference brought your business any good?

    Looking forward hearing from you,

    Jesse Willems

    October 2014
  • kerri
    Please guys, look after yourselves, you are working hard to revolutionise the process. You share, which is excellent, but consider a world-wide patent so you can give the info out at leisure and still be protected from big corporations sucking it all up and selling for big profits. Think of this... they could patent Your Design and hold it back from us small producers. If you can't afford the patent our forming community might sponsor it for you because you have been good to us. This bag design sounds intriguing and I can't wait to try it. PS: only three of us are chatting but many have signed up... do you think they are just reading and not speaking? Have they gone away? Is there a way to entice them to join in? Just wondering.
    February 2014
    • dansitu
      We've done a lot of thinking about patents - that's actually how we hit upon releasing everything as open source. We want the stuff we're working on to be available for anyone, for free, and by releasing all the designs we prevent anyone else being able to patent it (since by our publishing it, it's already public knowledge). We think we can make enough money to support ourselves from selling ready-to-go kits, and we have a lot of other plans too!

      Apparently in most forums there are a huge number of "lurkers" and a smaller proportion of actual contributors. We have a stats dashboard and yesterday, for example, we had 301 page views but only 39 comments. As we draw in more people, we should see more contributors - and the best way of doing that is to keep posting interesting content :)
    • kerri
      Look at the improvement in contributions in 7 weeks!
  • System
    Ping! An activity post is a public way to talk at someone. When you update your status here, it posts it on your activity feed.
    December 2013