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  • Is there any research on modifying inputs / food/ water / living conditions / etc. that would allow the 32 degree tempurature to be decreased...even slightly, without impacting mating / rearing efficencies? Heat inputs will be a major expense in the…
  • thx @andrew I was looking at more the human element for now. Is there any particular system people find best to grind to powder? I'm thinking a smaller electric grain mill. If so, any brand preferred over others.
  • Great article @gringojay. My feed supplier has chicken starter feed (not organic) with 20% protein. They said they can up the protein % by increasing the soy bean content.... is Soy bean increase suitable for crickets or should a different input b…
  • Great info... thx. Given the availability of water ad libitum, would there be an industry norm for the qty of water utilized per pound of the above breed?
  • @andrew , with fresh veggies, does everything get eaten typically before pieces start to rot / create bugs / mold etc? Don't suppose there's a chart that shows veggie weight to # of crickets based on optimum conditions? Organic chick feed at 32-33C…
  • Hi @gringojay - How do you translate the reduction of kiloJoules to carb % for the initial breeding campaign? Those trans-generational factoids were inspirational...really opened my eyes. thx
  • Is chitin a concern (besides flightiness) for flour (taste, weight, nutrition) or should all reasonable attempts be made with lighting / chemicals..etc to try and minimize size and or removal of wings? Yes, human consumption. :)
  • Hi @gringjay - Thanks for everything. Correct on the genus and for human consumption. To be clear, since the 32% protein "senior" cat food was superior to the added oatmeal version it appears that, whether it be cat, dog or chick food as long as it …
  • @gringojay mentions the hammer mill grinder making the exoskeleton unrecognizable from the "flour". Is this the method typically used by commercial operations or is preferred to ensure the exoskeleton is sieved from the "flour" prior to making avail…
  • Hello everyone... The simple method of heat supplementation notes 30-32C as the preferred range, however, in other literature (noted by @gringojay ) there was a "day/night" temperature. Has anyone found evidence that a day/night temperature vs cons…