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  • well done katee571 !
  • Yes, I found the daily upkeep - rotation etc of crickets a bit much... takes devotion. Mealworms seem to be the easiest but I'm only doing it 4 my own consumption for now. Look forward to the photos as I still love the ideas and subject. Also, remem…
  • katee571, I am impressed, you are doing heaps! I didn't go ahead as planned (life situation) and only have mealworms now... still I love to see what you have done. Now I ask for another photo.. with the 'door' open to see the shelves/boxes and inter…
  • Please post a photo katee571, would love to see it even if not finished.
  • I 'solved' what I thought was a problem at the time!... Conversation is a great thing! However I still have the opening in the bag which I peg closed. They climb up into that. Is the corner gathering a problem at all? If you don't want to harvest th…
    in Improvements Comment by kerri April 2015
  • Great point @Belphegor ! It's the big, fat, harvest-able guys that climb up the opening and into corners...
    in Improvements Comment by kerri April 2015
  • I see Chris, I was assuming you were using the Tiny Farms kit with it's frame.
    in Improvements Comment by kerri March 2015
  • I was thinking of diluting the frass about 1:10 as I do with my earthworm "Poo Soup". Surely this mix would be good to water in to the veg patch?
  • At one stage I wanted to buy mealworms at beetle stage to breed faster than rearing my own. Couldn't find them. It took a long time to regenerate my farm.
  • I got too busy to keep crickets and snails in my experimental ways... had to revert to just mealworms and could only do that because i had a Tiny Farms kit which works well. So, Tiny Farms, when you bring out smart kits for other species in years to…
  • A stronger mesh would need to still be soft and fall back into swag shape, also it's important to me to be able to fish around in the bag and see through so I can see my hand as it finds beetles and carrot bits etc.
    in Improvements Comment by kerri March 2015
  • The hot-glue is working brilliantly so far... NO worms gathering in corners! And if you have a hole you can put on a dob of hot glue as they don't eat it. I have glued all corners of all bags. I have also used plastic ties (the ratchet type, cheap …
  • Thanks 'Tint Farms' for sending me my two mealie bags. Mealworms LOVE corners so I tried a trick, testing on your scrap bits first to be sure the nylon didn't melt (It didn't)... I rounded the corners off with hot glue. I've noticed that the g…
  • I would suggest rounded corner stitching, stronger bag material, - and perhaps going back to the idea of stitching in a zipper? I do know that I would prefer to pay more up front than to do all the work of fussing around and designing my own solutio…
  • I'm getting up to 20 escapees per day now. They fall into the base tray I made and are easy to collect. Some of the holes are my fault, but also they have chewed through in one corner - and @gringojay is right that they (sneaky blighters!) actually…
  • Hey Guys, remember I made a base liner for under the kit out of silver-thermo stuff? Works great EXCEPT: Packaging tape on corner folds attracts the little beasties, they unstick it and crawl into the folds. They shouldn't really escape the bags, b…
    in Support Comment by kerri January 2015
  • I add to my edible snails now from the garden. As long as you "purge" them for a week to get any nastys out of their digestive system (I purge for a month to be sure, considering neighbors' poisons). Put them in a plastic box, feed them carrots, spr…
  • Helix Aspergia. Common in many countries.
  • I kept my silver base tray a just a little bit loose as i regularly lift the frame out of it to scoop up any escapee meal worms. It is so easy to make with just cutting the silver material and taping up with duct tape or similar. It has lasted well …
  • ... just a fun comment, If I drop a live meal worm on the floor my dogs rush in to gobble 'em up! There must be something good in there for them! :)>-
  • In Australia they are hated with a vengence and seen as being filthy. The great thing though is that if i bred them I could call them their other name... "Woodies". !!! :D
  • The 'Reflectix' tray at the bottom of @megology's wonderful invention is the same as I made to go under my Tiny Farm's frame as a catcher for the frass. It is great. sturdy enough and 'heat keeping'. I am now thinking that I will construct a tent co…
  • That sounds very good. @andrew. Keep us updated.
  • Could you let us know if you will be looking at a more robust meal-worm bag material soon? I want to buy 2 more bags, but if I need to stitch up the old ones for a while to get the better product (even if on trial) I would do that.
  • So... all we need is a tougher type of material to make the bags from. Of course we know where you are at so I'll buy 2 more bags of this material, but I hope to replace them later with a better construction... don't stress my friends, we understand…
  • Ready to buy some parts I held back on in my first order. This is a great way to do my mealies, they pretty much look after themselves. I came from breeding in bins before this system and am glad I bought the kit. Thanks guys. I know, I'm not posti…
  • Yes Gulah, the chicken food is manufactured and tested to fed to animals who are eaten by humans, so it is OK.
  • I use chicken feed pellets and carrots which give moisture. They prefer the carrot.
    in CRICKETS Comment by kerri October 2014
  • They also like carrots and that also gives them moisture, however they need to be renewed each day or two. I feed a bit of each.
  • @Guluh, you have a great climate there for it, you probably wouldn't need heat mats like we do in southern Australia.