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  • Thanks @gringojay. I have been dehydrating vegetable peel from potatoes, carrots, etc. and I am going to do an experiment when I get some new hatchlings. Should be interesting to see whether there is a difference in the growth rates. Should be fairl…
  • Thanks gringojay. How about using fallen leaves and grass and making a dry mix out of that as it's their natural diet? It could be partially composted before drying? There must be a way to use something other than grains or oats?
  • Brilliant. Thank you. I will try the lid idea and see how it turns out.
  • I just have to say that step 7 is genius @velacreations! I am thinking I could use a smaller pan, cut the sides out so the beetles can walk under it and then turn it upside down and dent the top (which is the bottom of the pan!) to form a concave ar…
  • @VelaCreations - just looking at step 6. Do you have any issues with fras getting trapped under the netting where the bottom structure of the tray is not glued? I was thinking of putting netting straight over the holes in the steamer that I am using…
  • That sysem looks fantastic! I'm also trying a stacked system but wanted to try and avoid plastic so I'm using kitchen steamers. As they are circular they won't be able to create as many mealworms in the same space but hopefully they will be adequate…
  • Thanks Kerry. Why is the swag shape so important? I was thinking of creating a barrel shape? I can see what you mean about being able to see your hand though. If you use a kitchen sieve as an example you can see your hand through it but would the ga…
  • I am just starting out and after reading this thought I would try and source some stainless steel mesh. Do you think this would be suitable?
  • I'm about to embark on my bug rearing journey in the UK too so am intersted in this.
  • Hi all. I'm from Horsham in the UK and I've been eating in a paleo/primal way for a few years now after doing a lot of research into health and wellbeing. The nutrition that can be provided by insects seems amazing so I want to learn all about it a…