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  • @Moofisilla Interesting idea, looking for a way to let the production of the two insects compliment each other. Just off the bat I can imagine being stuck with the beetles used for breeding after they have produced the eggs and not knowing what to …
  • I see your perspective. I would have to agree. Since vertical integration would mean better quality control and greater margins. Great study which cites many other studies. Thanks for sharing
  • That's a good point you mentioned that depending on the location of the farm the costs of each ingredient varies drastically given the handling and storing costs. But I assumed (should have stated it) that we will ignore shipping, handling and other…
  • I followed the shared links and read the studies. Thank you gringojay for sharing them with us. They show that using mealworm feed is indeed healthy and has no harmful effects on the broilers if used at the right quantities. However, commercially s…