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  • it's hard to see from the picture, but I would guess it's a confused grain beetle, which can infest dry grain feed. If that's the case it probably came in with the feed, and it shouldn't cause any problems.
  • @katee571 In my experience, on the local level (USA), success with regulators really depends on the particular person of contact. We've had a relatively easy time with our own regulators. My only advice is to make friends with your regulators, be pr…
  • Awesome topic! Cool to hear you're experimenting @lowbrowfun, would love to hear about any successes/fails. We're looking into this at Tiny Farms for an upcoming project in Zimbabwe - looking at corn, wheat, barley and millet by-products. Here's an …
  • @Allan and @yichong - I'm excited to see what you come up with for a heating solution - Tiny Farms is looking at different options that would be easy add-ons to our kits - definitely share when you rig something up!
  • Hi @kerri, I think 85F should be fine if the humidity is high enough. It would be great if you could share the humidity once you find out, untiI then, I would experiment with giving them more moisture sources (carrot, etc.) and see if they fare bett…
  • Troubleshooting issues like mealworm deaths is the kind of subject that deserves its own forum thread - it will be particularly useful to future forum users, so I've copied the recent comments to this new thread:…
  • @Kerri The shell/castoffs are just that - shells. In other words, old skins from molting - totally normal, the mealworms grow too large for their skin, they leave the old behind (appearing lighter in color and more energetic afterward) and grow new.…
  • @Kerri Yea, those (black ones) are looking quite dead. Did they all die together like that on that, what is it, potato? Or did you put them there for examination? I wonder why you're getting so many dead ones (we've never had 'heaps of dry black one…
  • Hi my name is Jena Brentano. I'm an artist, web designer, and co-founder of Tiny Farms. I'm thrilled to be a part of Open Bug Farm and can't wait to watch this project evolve with your collaboration and input!