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  • It's pretty normal for a newly received batch of mealworms to suffer a few casualties from transit, and there will always be a few that don't survive until pupation. It sounds like you have the conditions just right, so just pick out the dead ones a…
  • I recently spoke with @matunga via email, and I tried to address his thoughts about whether insect farming is just a gimmick when soy is so much cheaper. I thought it might be worth posting my email here: It's probably fair to say that soy will …
  • Really awesome to read about all this - great job, @kerri!! Inspired by your work I finally tracked down a US supplier of live snails: There are lots of restrictions around shipping snails across state lines. These guys ar…
  • It would be cool to add some insect nutrition facts to their database. I emailed Rob to see if they'd be willing to release source code that could power a feed recipe system!
  • Sauteed crickets really are delicious!
  • Hah, that's pretty awful. I forgot about that part of the guide. My personal philosophy around this is pretty contradictory. On the one hand, I firmly believe that it's bad to kill anything unless you have a seriously good reason - and causing pai…
  • We haven't tried that at Tiny Farms, but it sounds like it has a lot of potential. If you're a brewer and have any spent grain lying around we'd be happy to run an experiment!
  • @William, that's actually a fantastic idea. Maybe something like a lobster pot, where they can enter through a flexible mesh but find it difficult to exit. You could attract them with food, or a light.
    in CRICKETS Comment by dansitu May 2014
  • Glad to hear you've got everything! We'll definitely be updating the instructions with that, and the other feedback we've received. Keep us informed as your farm gets going :)
  • Super cool! This has been really interesting to follow, thanks for documenting everything. How long are you expecting it'll take before they're ready to eat?
  • That's super awesome, thanks for the link! I was introduced to Rob at Soylent a while back and we traded a few emails about edible bugs; he definitely sounded positive about the idea of using bugs as an ingredient. I think the main challenge (since…
  • Little ones! That's good to see :) With regard to harvesting - if your worms are in something like wheat bran, you could try sieving them through a wire mesh that lets the bran fall through but keeps most of the worms. They can try to wriggle throu…
  • The next Open Bug Farm species will be crickets :) In the mean time, for some basic background I really like this guide by Fluker Farms: And this guide, aimed at people raising crickets to feed reptiles,…
  • Welcome to our community, @William! I'm super excited to hear that someone is considering selling ebooks to introduce people to entomophagy; I'm pretty confident that there's demand. We get so many emails from people who want to get started but don'…
  • I'd definitely recommend heating them to at least 165 fahrenheit before eating - this is the USDA recommendation for cooking poultry, and it's generally good to play it safe. Heating aside, I think this is a great idea! You'll be able to bulk up th…
  • This is a great topic, and I'd definitely buy your ebook :) As @gringojay mentions, there's been some prior discussion in some other places: Costs compared to other meats We also put together a spreadsheet/calculator a few months ago; it may be a…
  • I just saw this (I was out of the country for a few weeks) but seriously good work, @megology! How is it all going several weeks later?
  • Oh dear! Fingers crossed they'll be fine. I'm really interested to see how quickly these guys can grow in captivity.
  • The eggs are super tiny, you might just not be able to see them amongst the substrate?
  • The sort of material used in hydroponic grow tents could work: It's shiny and insulating but pretty tough!
  • We have Helix Aspersa in San Francisco, apparently introduced by a Frenchman in the 1850s! There are loads of them in the cooler parts of the city.
  • Yeah, they don't tend to go mouldy - they just dry out. You're right about the zippers being fiddly to sew :) We are super excited too!!
  • That's really great, thanks for running through the numbers again. I think the $15 came from a pessimistic review of the price of wheat bran available online, since mail order might be the only option for some people. I'd personally love for us to f…
  • This is really cool, I had no idea they would start laying eggs so soon!
  • That's a brilliant point - and there are already people capturing slaughterhouse waste and turning it into feed using black soldier fly:
  • So @kerri, it's no wonder your 10w immersion heater didn't do much good!
  • Exactly - edible insects have to reach a certain volume before they'll be a genuinely more affordable option to buy in stores. However, if you're growing them yourselves they are already super cheap, since you don't have to pay yourself a salary for…
  • Thanks @Kerri, we're pretty excited about it all!
  • That's amazing, I hope they haven't been eating your carpet!