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  • ajaxpoole

    ) Gringojay, Thanks for the particular information.It is a magnificent asset on everything bug cultivating has been assembled at Tiny Farms.Getting the most measure of sustenance from the bugs and use of Natual Pesticide to minimize measure of data sources is the eventual fate of feasible nourishment, so it makes sense that creepy crawlies should be high on our rundown of DIY sustenance generation.

    February 2017
  • Madges

    I read your discussion on Fermentation of bugs very intriguing. During your water keffir experiment you noted about the continued Fermentation activity even during refrigeration. Do you know why it does that and second can that be retarded?

    January 2017
  • tomvu


    Thanks for the information. Maybe is safer to start meal worm instead of bamboo worm. The life cycle is too long and it may have shigella bacteria. In that case why Thai people farming in Thailand? What do you think of MEAL-WORM? Is the market big and do think human start to recognize and eat meal-worm? Thanks for the information, very helpful.

    April 2015
  • gringojay and ivan joined.
    Welcome Aboard!
    January 2014
    • texasbugfarmer
      yeah Thanks for the info gringo jay
    • Debra
      You said this and I am confused. In regard to bran feeding is it necessary to water then, with potato or carrot? What substrate is better....bran or oatmeal? Thank you. "My conclusion was that until the larval mouth parts are big enough they more readily solubilize nutrients from bran than chew on vegetable matter. At this point I don't bother giving the larvae carrots until they are a few instars along ( I grow separate generations in their own grow bag & so most groups will be within about a week of each other in time from hatching); young larvae reared on carbohydrates (ex: bran) do not need to "drink" water from a vegetable placed inside their bin because water is formed as a consequence of carbohydrate utilization (mealies inside sacks of stored grain are not forced to go find water)."