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  • Debra

    Hi. My worm farm is just needing to start from scratch. So, thankfully you gave me the idea of multiple drawers. So I'm going to buy two. How do you prevent moths? A cover? There are opening in the sides of the drawers. I think I'm just going to sift two inches and put it all in a drawer. Then pick out the their drawer. And, the pupae in a baggie like yours...I had to laugh...what a good idea. I'll just sift the beetle drawer into another new one in so many increments. Given this, how does my plan sound? Thank you again for your help.

    September 2017
    • EntoAaron
      I've never had a moth infestation. But I've also never covered the containers, so I suspect it's either a question of whether they originated outside for you, or if their eggs were already in the oatmeal(?) you bought.

      Not that I'm an expert, but what I would do to test it is just microwave the feed for a few minutes to kill any eggs. After it cools give it to your mealworms, but start with a completely fresh bedding, and manually pick out all the existing moths. If the moths come back immediately, then they're coming from outside and you need to use screens to keep them out. If they don't come back, then they were coming from the feed, and you already have a solution. Even if you just do this with one container, and have the old feed in another container, it should show you whether one is more affected than the other.

      Good luck!