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Starting New Cricket Farm

I'm interested in getting started with a cricket farm (for human consumption) in Idaho (USA). I have a few questions for you experienced farmers!

1 - Where do I get my first crickets? Just go get a bag of them from the pet store?

2 - Would wild native crickets (darker color) breed and lay eggs as fast as pet-store types?

3 - How do you kill them?

4 - How do you turn them into flour?

5 - Can you eat the legs and antenna, or will the hooks on their feet/legs get caught in your throat?

6 - Is there an easy way to get a whole bunch of crickets to move off of say a food dish for changing them out? (Like a strobe light or something)

7 - Where can you get a whole bunch of the egg carton things?


  • Hi Johnny, if you take a look at the other posts on this forum you will find most, if not all, answers to your questions :) You can search the forum using the 'search' box on the right bottom of the screen. If you have any more questions after that, please get back to here :)

  • Hi, I'm just starting out and I'm looking for the same answers. Did u find all the info on this forum? Can u point me in the right direction?

  • @btyris - you can find the answers in more depth around the forum, but in short: 1. google "buy live crickets" 2. maybe? but not approved by USDA for mass rearing w/o special permits (if you're in the USA) 3.freezer 4. roast or dehydrate then grind in a flour mill 5. yes you can, it all goes into the flour. if you're eating them whole you may want to remove (easily done while frozen by shaking or rubbing the frozen crickets) 6. give them a puff of air (you can look up wind-evoked-response if you care to read in depth about the reaction) 7. Uline or alibaba

  • Just starting this cricket farming but I found a good source for egg carton is a local restaurant especially one that serves breakfast. I have one place and have a ton of free Egg cartons - you may have to sort them some have dried egg but lots of free good ones.

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