Buy Live Snails( Helix Pomatia,Helix Aspersa,Helix Lucorum,Giant African Land Snails)

AGRO HOUSE so much identifies with the specific product that, trying to make the offer attractive, it has been running on a large scale a breeding programme and a farm of species of African snails for other farms for several years. We also make attempts at farming snails putting emphasis on using their eggs for caviar and slime for cream

Our edible species sold and used in catering belong to two families: - the HELICIDAE family, genus HELIX, - the ACHATINIDAE family, genus ACHATINA.

African snails species:
- Helix aspersa Maxima,
- Helix aspers aspersa Müller,
- Helix Pomatia.

Ways to start edible land snails farming:
- from parent snails - breeding stock,
- from juveniles - small 10-day-old hatchlings,

Currently we are running a farm of 2 hectares (1 hectare of outdoor parks with an automatic sprinkler system) plus buildings fully automated for the production of snails (800 square m). At the end of the year 2016 we are planning to enlarge buildings designed for breeding by another 1600 square m of roofed space for the production of juveniles for entire America,Europe and Asia . The whole infrastructure will be prepared for 1,5 million units of parent stock - the breeding stock and fattening of hatching as of 800 tonnes of production.

We also offer free snail breeding tips and supply world wide. Contact us for our supplier procedures.

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  • I have Helix pomatia snails for sale. Price for one snail - ONLY $5. Will ship anywhere in the world via registered airmail shipping. Please email me if you are interested to make a business - Thanks

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