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Commercial Mealworm Facility

I am very serious about opening up my own mealworm facility. I've had mealworms now for about a year. While I do think it was a great learning experience, it will not hold up for loans, investors etc etc. I tried contacting Terracycle for information but they have stopped doing bug related business for a a few months.

Every little bit helps.



  • Where abouts are you located MealwormMan ?

  • Where should I be at?

  • Hi MealwormMan, - Not sure what you were initially asking. I think katee571 inquired since in Australia. Old laboratory adage is: " If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the precipitate." Apparently Australia far enough to settle out of the brew.

  • Yes that's right, I just inquired as I was in Australia & couldn't see your location listed. Thanks.

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