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Poisonous insects

It appears that we can eat most insects. Are there insects that make us sick if we eat them? Is there a list of insects that are unhealthy to eat?


  • Black widows for starters.....

  • SHi MealwormMan, - A distinct characteristic of venom, which BlackWidow's have, is that it must enter the body by a route other than assimilation by digestion. Venom is broken down by digestion, so unless eat a live venomous creature that stings/bites you on the way down it is not toxic.

    BlackWidows not only have venom when bite, but also in their legs, abdomen & legs; new born soft body parts have venom. (1971 "Prelimenary studies...Black Widow spider eggs" determined "The poisonwas not lethal when ingested." Venom is a peptide & digestive enzymes destroy that kind of toxin.

    I'd again like to point out potential insect value added product potential. Black widow venom led to discovery of a brain "orphan" (unaffilated) signal receptor abreviated as ELTD1 (for 1st several letters in following study). If interested free full text available on-line = (2015) " Epidermal growth factor, latrophilin, and seven transmembrane domain containing protein 1 marker, a novel angiogenesis marker"

    Latrophilins (venom can bind to) apparently can have genetic quirks & these receptors have become subject of interest as factors in bi-polar disorder, schizophrenia, cannabis addictio & tumours of brain/breast. One investigator uses milked BlackWidow venom as a carrier molecule of other compounds to get across the blood-brain barrier to target glio-blastoma astro-cytoma cells.

    More orientation in free full on-line text can start with (2014) " From the BlackWidow spider to human behavior, latrophilins, a recently unknown class of G-protein-coupled receptors, are implicated in psychiatric disorder" .... & .... (2014) " The latrophilins, "split personality" receptors." To clarify this somewhat : this family of spiders venom are latro-toxin, latro-insecto-toxin & latro-egg-toxin Iⅈ the latro-philin-3 is in the brain & latro-philin-2 is not just in the brain.

  • Very interesting. To your knowledge, have these venoms blood-brain barrier potential been studied in regards to Parkinson's disease?

  • I am sceptical BlackWidow venom can be used in any way for Parkinsons. The alpha-latro-toxin via calcium impact causes exceptionally robust release of dopamine (& other catecholamines). Parkinsons is characterized by dopamine deficiency, which presumably venom induced "spilling" out of what little dopamine accumulated would lead to more dopamine deficiency instead of sustained use.

    If you are interested in venoms used in Parkinson research then lookk into bee & scorpion reports. These seem to be relevant by modulating signal functions of nitric oxide via impact on the enzyme that synthesizes nitric oxide (NOS).

    See "Effects of scorpion venom heat resistant protein on intracerebral NO synthase of mice with Parkinsons disease" .... "The alterations of apoptosis factor Bcl-2/Bax in the early Parkinsons rat and the protective effect of scorpion venum derived activity protein" .....As regards bee venom a start, with good references, is " Bee venom and it's component apamin as a neuroprotective agents in a Parkinsons disease mouse model"

  • Tablet writing & wish to add: "Bee venom reduces neuroinflammation in the MPPT induced model of Parkinsons disease" ...

  • Yeah MealwormMan- Black widows, Blister Beetle, Agave Weevils, these are the poisonous insects which are harmful to intake. I have heard in an article that many peoples make rats as their food, But peoples should be aware of a dangerous disease caused by rats like plague, leptospirosis etc. To identify which pest is good for food or not one should read useful content guided by professionals like exterminator Sacramento CA.

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