Shipping Inbound & Outbound

I saw my first "bug special" within the last two months and became totally interested in this up and coming idea. Ive just never really thought about it before. My question (that shouldn't be taken as solicitation...solely informational) is about inbound and outbound shipping. I work for a logistics company in Cincinnati, OH and am trying to get information on the shipping process. Mostly just a description of what is involved. Inbound I assume is feed (grain mostly? hopefully), farming equipment.) Are the outbound shipments of flour? Do most of these companies create flour or process the food there? I have a meeting on Monday with a rep from Aspire Food Group out of Austin, TX and want to at least have my priorities in line before I start hounding for questions. Im almost sure ill run off topic trying to learn about this industry. If this continues to grow it could seriously affect and change A LOT about what we understand about the food industry. Any help would be appreciated. Posted on here or I can be privately messaged for contact information. Again, wont be soliciting on here, just trying to get information. Thanks!

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