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Another cricket farming company

Hey guys,

Hope you're doing well.

First of all, excuse me for my poorly written english, it is not my main language.

My and my partner are in the process of starting a cricket farming company in Canada. We plan to have a 3000sq2 warehouse using natural gas for heating (We have harsh winter). It may be a vague question but how would you use space so that you can grow cricket in efficient manner?

Would you divise room?

If so, how would you divise them?

How many bin would you put inside each room?

How many cricket do you think you could grow per year with a 3000sq2 building?

I know that those question are very vague but it is pretty hard to think about everything at the beginning.

Thanks in advance!


  • before you start i HIGHLY recommend you check your federal/provincial/municpal laws regarding it. especially municipal/city regulations. I used to have lots of different animals in Canada (BC) and they have become increasingly troublesome to keep as Canada has become more and more tight in regulating peoples activities! so i would strongly urge you to check out all the fine print before investing one dollar there, just to be sure. My good friend had the city laws change for rodents, he was breeding thousands for snake feed, and he had to close his entire business. grandfathering doesnt work :(

    after that, your design is probably going to be more related to fire code and building inspection, more than efficiency and logic. check those too, insurance companies might not insure and it causes huge problems in your country. the common flexwatt heat tape for example, will void any insurance claim and you may become liable. DIY electrical is a big no no for insurance and commercial type en devours. basically, be above board, or try it as a home business if your area will allow it.

  • We already have cheked those law, and we already have permits to start the production!

  • edited May 2016

    Awesome job in getting all licenses. But is there a demand in Canada or do you propose to export

  • Thanks vijithpad!

    In fact, the demand is growing very fast in Canada. There is a lot of new businesses that are creating products made from cricket powder. But I'll be honest with you, there is a large chance that we will obtain every permit do export our products in the United States, Australia, Mexico etc.

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