Wax moth eggs and feed

Hello folk

I've been trying to farm wax moth larvae (Achroia grisella), but I seem to run into two problems:

The feed dries up not completely hard, but I guess it should be a little more moist. The food composition I use is 5 pounds of bran, 0.1 gallon of honey and 1 gallon of cornsirup.

The other problem is that the eggs doesn't seem to hatch. I put the eggs into the feed (tried with and without glycerine).

The temperature of the wax moth enclosure is about 30 degrees celsius. I'm not sure about the humidity.



  • Hi Sylvester, - They should raised in the dark & ~70% relative humidity (possibly factor your feed hardens). There are examples of 3 artificial diets on page 7 of (2013) Ellis, et.al. "Standard methods for wax moth research", published by Journal of Apicultural Research 52(1) available on-line as free full pdf. Authors chart out key differences between varieties & lifecycle time lines.

  • Thank you very much for the quick answer :) - Ill be looking into it and implementing it in my production

  • In BSF rearing, we tend not to place eggs in direct contact with the food, but rather on a small plastic sheet (2x2 cm or so) to Ensure that eggs are in a humid environment, though not in contact with the substrate. This might help you out.

    Thanks for that paper Gringojay, finally something recent :)

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