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Hello hello everyone,

I'm part of the BUGSfeed team; we've recently started this new resource on edible insects - and we're monstrously curious to find out what you knowledgable people of Open Bug Farm think of the site. What do you feel is missing, what do you think we're doing right? It would mean a great deal to us if you'd check us out and drop us a line - in one way or the other.

I hope to hear from y'all :)

Best, Jonas


  • Good picture quality. Subject matter seems a cut above many insect promoting blogs. Website layout seems like meant to be modern with artistic edge.

    First visit kind of sent me back & forth so didn't look much. Having just visited for 3rd time have to say that still have not had a flowing encounter which led me onward to next theme of bug issues.

    Maybe it is the width aspect causing a lot of eye tracking before can fixate on what keys mental reaction. When my field of vision finds peripheral data during head on scan of page, even though almost subliminal, then can zero in on that without cerebral churning. Anyway, every visit I end up quiting site fairly quick instead of being lured along further to another topic because layout seems to make one hunt for what think saw somewhere that once seemed might be interesting if could only remember exactly what it was.

  • Nice. I'll be exploring it more soon

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