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Converting People to eating Insects.

So I'm curious if anybody has had any luck converting people to the idea of eating insects. I have friends that are smart and see the rational side of it but can't quite get over the fact that they are eating bugs.. Does anybody have any success stories or any tactics on how they accomplished this?


  • Yes in fact. But its best to find a good recipe, and make them spice full and crunchy then have a lil party.

  • You should probably start out by using ground up insects in meals, perhaps secretly and then revealing later, since the insects won’t be visible but the raw nutrition and flavor will. Converting people in mature adult bracket will probably be much harder, so you‘d have to be much more tactical there. Then you could try putting the insects in a soup or secretly inside a meal so you still won’t see it, but it would be a step up. I am not very knowledgeable with psylogical manipulation but I think these would be the best ways to start your person down the path, after you try convincing them that bugs are the miracle meat or something like that (not really, but it is much better than red meat and probably better than lean meat. Doing this is pretty hard I‘d imagine because their biases laid out as they matured from childhood painted insects as unsanitary and not worth considering for much at all. Convincing someone that they have been wrong their whole life goes against the self-preservation their brain thrives for, so even if they might understand insects are great they (and/or their brain) still might reject the idea because of the biases they‘ve lived with their whole life, this is especially troublesome for older people who are even more stubborn to change their ways.

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