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Myrmica rubra - European Fire Ant

Anyone out there have experience harvesting and/or eating European fire ants? They have invaded my yard and I figure if you can't beat them, eat them. I am not sure how to go about collecting them or safely preparing them to eat.


  • In north east India the Assam district of Karbi Anglong tribes do eat Myrmica rubra collected from in the wild. However only the larvae & eggs are consumed in cooked & baked recipes. Lore is that eating them is good for making more children. These are seasonally abundant in the months of March & April.

    For the Ahom people's April festival, locally called Bohagi Bihu, eating Myrmica rubra larvae/eggs is the traditional way to start the 3rd day of celebrations. I presume the Bohagi Bihu gathering revolves around encamped hill folk matchmaking for their daughters who came of age over the winter's isolation & trading of handiwork plus livestock; I've seen a similar spring festival that went on for many days in Himalayan tribal India with a different local dialect name 30+ years ago.

  • Ant & nematode parasite fascinating relationship clearly detailed by M.Harr at blog "small things considered" might interest some here. Link (if not working please reply)=

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