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Wear a dust mask!

@kerri made a great point in another thread - some people can develop an allergy to mealworms after long periods of inhaling their dust, so if you're handling large numbers of them often, consider wearing a dust mask! Eating them isn't a problem, it's inhaling the dust that gets you.

Inhaling dust from any agricultural product can be bad for your health, so remember you're a farmer now!


  • Additionally, if you already have a dustmite allergy, you're prone to be cross-sensitive to mealworm proteins. mealworm-risk allergenicity-2013.pdf

    Really, you should always wear a mask and preferably gloves to avoid the risk of developing sensitivity. One of the lessons learned from the current industrial livestock industry is that exposure to any animal's proteins in excess can cause allergies to develop and we don't want this first generation of insect farmers to walk in blindly and accidentally become allergic to their own livestock!
  • I have a kitchen tool to stir them with - so tempting to dig in with your hands.
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