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Feeding mealworms

My meal worms don't seem impressed by orange rind, but hoe into tropical fish food (48% protein). Might make them grow faster/bigger? Not cheap to buy though... any thoughts?


  • Try carrots, radishes, potatoes or apples as moisture sources - they tend to flock to any of these. We've also had some good discussion on the potential to use opuntia cactus on the "ultra cheap mealworm production" thread:

    Orange rind contains a lot of volatile compounds that may repel the mealworms - orange oil is actually used as a natural treatment for termites.

    There is a lot of support behind feeding higher protein diets for higher growth rates and greater feed conversion efficiency, although as you say it is more expensive. Check out some of the more recent posts on the Ultra Cheap Mealworm Production thread on page two where @gringojay has shared a bunch of info on amino acid profiles in feed. There is also some interesting discussion in this paper:
  • Wow, this site is excellent! Thanks Andrew, I'm off now to whip that orange out of their drawer.
  • Yeah Andrew thanks for it.... really helpful and knowledgeable...!!

    Aeon Grow (Farming Lights)

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