Demand for Cricket Flour?

Hi friendly helpers, I'm a student at a university in Brussels and I chose to do a business plan for my entrepreneurship course about a company farming my own crickets and then manufacturing them into cricket flour. There are many information available on the internet but nothing specific concerning the costs etc.. So I'm a bit confused and I have some trouble in calculating my costs and especially the manufacturing costs. I believe that my first step should be to know on what scale I need to farm my crickets. This will then help me to calculate what materials/equipment I will need and what costs I will face. But in order to know my production scale I need to know the demand in order to know how much I need to produce. Is there a study available about the demand for cricket flour? Or does someone know how many kg's are produced each year in the USA ? This could help me to estimate the demand and I could then make an assumption on what scale I should start my cricket farm. Thank you in advance :)


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