Equipment for grinding into flour?

Any recommended grinder for making insect flours for personal use? Any for commercial, professional use?


  • Hi kengiacres, - this 2015 patent ... "Insect products and methods of manufacture and use thereof", seems to have made improvements over the established commercial cricket "flour" standard of dry & grind an insect . See Table 12 for a test of patent's 3rd technique in blind comparison to Next Millenium Farms' commercial product. Deep in the patent text are 3 different "Preparation of Insect Product" examples that might be of interest to you. See

  • hammer mills will probably be the best bet. they range from small machines that would handle say 50g to large units managing tonnes. we use a small one for testing and a slightly larger one that has different interchangeable mesh so you can get different size particles. anything from rice rain size to extra fine flour type powders. the nice thing about small units is they are easy to clean. larger ones are a real pain and better for doing large amounts of the same thing.

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