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Books & manuals

There are a few good books & manuals available on insect rearing techniques. Scientific journal articles are also very good. There is a book published by John C Schneider entitled Principles & Procedures for Rearing High Quality Insects. I thought I would comment here on the off chance that someone had reviewed it. Thanks !


  • @katee571 - we have a copy of that book, it covers a lot of important considerations for setting up and managing an insect farm, although its focus is fairly small scale (relative to a commercial food/feed insect farm). Lots of good info though, in particular it has good review of issues around microbial contamination and occupational risk like allergies.

  • Ok thanks Andrew..appreciate the info. I dont suppose you have attended the insect rearing workshop at MSU ?

  • No, although I think it would probably be worthwhile - we've stuck to just buying the book so far

  • Yes I think it would be worthwhile. I have the book on order so hope I can put it to good use.

  • Anyone know if a PDF online version is available for purchase for John C Schneider entitled Principles & Procedures for Rearing High Quality Insects? Thanks

  • Hi aj092, - I searched the California (USA) inter-library loan system & there are 2 copies from 2009 in the state. Both are in University of California libraries, one in Riverside & another in Berkeley (according to inter-library system only 25 copies worldwide are in libraries, so check your university library network). I'll try to see if they physically lend them out - or are some of the books universities do not let go out (have had that happen a few times).

    The copyright on this book is still valid & apparently (see below) no pdf is being offered; bound book is available for purchase on-line if click on small book-line picture seen inside the following webpage's top banner showing "Insect rearing book order form";

    "The next MSU Insect Rearing Workshop will be held Sunday early afternoon through Thursday evening September 27-October 1, 2015. ... To enhance the oral presentations, each student will receive our book "Principles and Procedures for Rearing High Quality Insects", a CD containing PDFs of all of the lectures, and a manual containing a variety of additional information....Two laboratories will be held."

  • "Principles & Procedures for Rearing High Quality Insects" has successfully come through from inter-library loan in California. I'm only the 8th borrower since 2011 library owned it &-got 45 days to use it for a US$2 fee. Anyone a member of a California public library can probably get it; but don't know if you can borrow it if are in another state via Interlibrary Services.

    Meanwhile - anybody got any question want looked up? Chapter 5 discusses genetic drift, chapter 8 & 9 microbes & pathogens; only sample operation detailed is about the corn borer.

  • Is there a PDF version or some kind of online version available? I'm in Germany and the shipping cost would be 100$ -.-

  • No pdf for this book in 2015 & doubt it now. It is not needed in my opinion for most of us & not a book with some trade secrets not found anywhere else.

  • I double @gringojay - we have a copy, but have ultimately derived little applicable info from it beyond some considerations regarding airflow and pathogen management in the facility (which are standard and should be available in any number of discussions regarding best practices for labs / insectaries)

  • I have the book and willing to photocopy chapters or people if needed. However i agree with the comments here in that i found little use for the book as yet, most of the information is readily available with a bit of searching.

  • Is there anything about Tobacco hornworms in this book?

  • Hi Boxlady, - No, the book cited won't give you specifics. Do you want to rear them?

    If you want to feed them leaves from tobacco plants figure 80% of what they will consume happens to occur in their 5th instar & they will be a 5th instar for 26% of their larval life. A single worm can be reared through to pupation on as low as 800 square centimers to 1400 square centimeters of tobacco.

    For a tropical climate comparison consider Puerto Rico's tobacco hornworm summer life cycle determined from eggs taken from tobacco growing out in the field. Eggs took 4.5 days, 1st instar took 3 days, 2nd instar took 2.7 days, 3rd instar took 3 days, 4th instar 3.6 days, 5th instar took 5.2 days, pre-pupal phase took 5.3 days, pupation took 21 days & as adults lived 4.6 days.

    University Illinois entomologists Ahmad, et al. (1989) wrote "A defined artificial diet for the larvae of Manduca sexta"; available on-line as brief free pdf. Authors compare their diet to an earlier wheat germ & yeast diet. They also compare their diet's pupal weight & number of eggs laid to those larvae reared on tobacco leaves, as well as those fed tomato leaves.

    University Kentucky entomologists Garman & Jewett wrote Research Bulletin (1920) "The broods of Tobacco Worms"; available on-line via google books. Pages 12- 14 discuss their easy "Rearings of tobacco worms"; prior to pupation they naturally (in fields) wander until find where can bore down 2 - 6.5 inches (most commonly 3 - 4 inches deep in soil).

  • Thanks for the information im going to have to go get those. I have already started rasing them however I have ran into some problems with deaths so wanted more info. I came across a great book for diets. Insect diets by allen carson cohen - ton of info on food science and insects diets.

  • Hi folks,

    As the reference text books are not cheap - could anyone recommend a starting text/s they have found particularly useful for someone new to the industry? I'm considering the following (in addition to to the great resource that is this forum):

    1. Insects as Sustainable Food Ingredients, Production, Processing and Food Applications, By Aaron T. Dossey (ED.), Juan A. Morales-Ramos (Edited by), M. Guadalupe Rojas

    2. SCHNEIDER, J. C. (ED.) 2009. Principles and Procedures for Rearing High Quality Insects

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hi Ozone, - 1st title can be downloaded; some sites give free month trial. I am on tablet & using search engine Yandex typing in the 1st title see 4th entry down of pg. 1 pulled up it is available from emilyhalberstadt & on pg 2 pulled up it is available from 2nd entry down from Scribd.

    I have not read that book so have no reference to comment on it; nor have I tried to download it from internet. I have read the 2nd as an inter-library load book & found it more suitable for laboratory based operations.

  • Thanks Gringojay, I was able to download the complete chapter 6 - Mass Production of insects. That's the type of information I'm after.

  • Ozone, do you have the link? I tried searching and am not finding the same info you and gringojay are finding. I'm in the United States, I'm not sure if that is causing it or if it is my user error.

  • Hi oskizzle, - Am on tablet so not again resubmitting title. However, I find the "yandex" dot com search engine often gives scientific report access to what others direct you to buy.

  • Thank you Gringojay, even using yandex everything I'm finding is a site that requires a credit card for a free trial. Bummer.

  • Hi oskizzle, I googled the title of the first book mentioned above and the 3rd link ( was a pdf which could be downloaded directly without any cc info.

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