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Anyone in Australia?

Hey everyone,

Just seeing if there are any Aussies on here, and if so what do you farm?

I am from Brisbane, raising mealworms and crickets.

Alex :)



  • I live in Blue Mountains NSW..currently raising cockroaches.

  • Hi katee571, - Is there a side benefit you aren't telling anyone about?

  • Love the wallpaper gringojay ha ha

  • Hello

    I'm in Sydney and just starting out on the process of raising mealworms for food this week. I'm sure I'll have plenty of questions as the weeks go on about how to do things.

    How long have you been raising them Alex? I've bought some live mealworms from Martyn's mealworms and I was planning on keeping them for a generation or two before I started eating them. Would they be safe for human consumption by the second generation if I raise them on organic food?

    Would be really grateful for any advice people have to offer.

  • @Katharine - your second generation should be completely safe to eat

  • Hi @Katharine

    Sorry haven't checked this forum lately! I have only been raising them for 6 months. I am hoping to improve my set up with better insulation and heating to pick up the speed of the whole process. It's pretty cold in Brisbane at the moment. How is everything going with your mealworms?


  • Hi @Alex, It has been cold in Sydney too. I've been keeping my mealworms in the linen cupboard and they seem to like it in there. They are going well and I've just found my first pupa today! Are you farming them for personal use of planning on selling commercially?

  • Hi all, Another Australian from Sydney. At the moment i am looking into breeding crickets and mealworms..maybe moving into cockroaches at a later date.

    Tried breeding a generation of crickets recently with no luck, reading up on the forum I suspect it was a combination of the cold weather and lack of moisture in the breeding trays.

    I have been thinking of using a heating mat or lamp in a large plastic tub for the next round and maybe giving the water crystals in the breeding trays a go to combat the humidity.

    Any other Australians had better luck than me?

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