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shipping insects

Just wondering if anyone is interested in discussing the shipping of live insects ? I have had mostly positive experiences of shipping insects to customers however also the odd bad experience. An important topic as the product needs to arrive in the best condition possible for the customer ! Thanks !


  • This is quite dependent on the weather in the Netherlands. Also on the fact whether you use a retailer or buy direct from the insect farm (not often possible). For me: so far so good :)

  • A note to anyone in the US - you need a permit from USDA APHIS if you are going to ship any insects across state lines (

    In-state you should check with your state department of agriculture.

  • Yes the weather is a big factor. The packing is a work in progress..continue to perfect it as I go along. I ship roaches by the kg in calico bags filled with egg cartons then placed in a sturdy packing box. Then a food source such as sliced carrot.

  • I have still not tested out sending live insects (mealworms in my case), but I am working on finding a good solution for this. As we wish to ship directly to restaurants, it is important to prevent contamination of the insects during the transport. I have thought about using an entirely closed plastic container with enough air in it for the mealworms to survive the transport. Another solution is using a sausage skin that breaths (which is important in the smoked sausages that need to dry), but I need to figure out whether they can bite their way out of the sausage skin. I would be happy to have any comments on my ideas.

  • @andrew, which permit are you speaking of? Everything I've looked at from your link is about importing/exporting out of the US. Can you link a specific permit for us? I looked this up months ago (and even called my local USDA office) and all I could see was the need for 'exotic' animal permits if sending across state lines.

  • @ida mealworma are often shipped in a canvas bag that is tied off - usually with some crumpled newspaper in it. That bag is then packed in a sturdy shipping box.

    @Moofisilla thats quite an old post and i have not kept up-to-date on the topic. I would trust what you found from USDA rep. and also check with the post office.

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