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Greetings, Like many others have stated, I am a little clumsy to the forum and still learning my way around it. I used to work as an assistant to a small scale beekeeper for an number of years and am excited to explore this particular world of working with insects in more depth. I took a look at the Mealworm Kit and am so glad you have made this info available! I was wondering if any such kit plans exist for home raising crickets for consumption? Thanks to whoever could steer me in the right direction and sorry if I missed it somewhere!


  • Hi justincornett, - Here are 3 leads from April 2014 Forum thread titled "Crickets." By the way at page right is a search function box; look below where shows some Categories listed in blue print.

    (2013) Source with lots of color Thai prodd Book-1.pdf

    Quote : "Plywood boxes ... 1.2 x 2.4 x 0.5 metres ... produce 20 to 30 kilograms ... bottom section is off the ground by four 15-20 cm high legs, so the unit is movable. It is easy to clean and does not build up as much heat as ... concrete block pens ... plywood is sensitve to hot, cold or damp weather conditions that cause deterioration.".

    Quote: "... chicken feed with ... 21% protein ... used for feeding crickets after hatching until they are 20 days old. Subsequently they are fed with mixed 14 and 21 percent protein feed until harvesting at 45 days old. A few days before harvesting, the high protein feed is replaced with vegetables such as pumpkins, cassava leaves, morning glory leaves and watermelons. ... to improve taste ....."

    Or you might be looking for a tidier scientific kit. Jakob Dzamba began sellings his "Cricket-Habitat" designed to take advantage of being able to herd the growing crickets in various phases. Website practical link from last year = Cricket-Reactor Move to Corp/04.-Product.html

    Also Forum poster Calytrix on July 2014 liked this method Calytrix went on to "... suggest that 8-15 containers would be required to raise the crickets to adulthood in 4-7 day cohorts at ~30 deg C = 86 F."

  • Thanks and will give these links a look. Much appreciated!

  • 1st link works as of 3 June 2015 for Thai pdf if use google search engine to get there by pasting into google this complete following legend = Book-1.pdf

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