Tips How do a large Scale Production (Professional Breeding)?

Hi People,

We seperate the 3 fases of mealworms in "Big Hard Plastic Box", we give to our beatles, wheat bran, carrot, bread and dry food for babies dogs,

Our mealworm farm are in the same room of our Reptiles (that room have a good heating).

We look for improve our mealworm farm to do a large scale production (Professional Breeding), to sell our live food for our clients, we are a company called O Pantanal, Lda, over 20 years on the market, we sell more than 6.000 products for Birds, Reptiles and Fish.

I Hope with your knowledge we can improve, we always search on internet for more Info to improve our prodution but we dont see anything new yet.

This is our mealworm farm pictures.


Rui Silva

This is our mealworm farm pictures.

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  • @Pantanal me too doing business regarding mealworm and crickets. Although not being a company yet but we supply many bird and reptile shop in my country.

    If i can ask, how many beetles you need to hatch 1kilogram mealworm larvae? and what temperature?

    I plan to improve to do a large scale production and export too.

  • Greetings I am very interested in starting a mealworm Farm I have question for you Rui Silva, do you consume any of the things you grow ? and since you have 20 years experience whats your health like ? have you done studies of what is the best feed for the worms, to cure cancer? anything information for me would be great.

    Best Chris

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