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Large scale farming of crickets in Asia 60.000$ startup budget

Simply put, here in my home city in S.E. Asia crickets are a food staple, usually captured with traps during the right season they can sell up to 10$/kg if prepared as food. The total population consumption in my area is about 3.000.000kg/year but I believe it is limited by the fact that crickets are only captured seasonally. My target is to sell the crickets for 2.4$/kg when bought by the 1000kg - 2.8$/kg when bought at 100kg - 3$/kg when bought by the kilo. My target production is 60.000kg year. I hope to keep production cost at below 1.4$/kg. Target profit at full production regime is about 60.000$/year. The variety of cricket is acheta domesticus. I have the capital the location and the will, what I need is technical suggestions on how to design the farm shape and about the best way to operate. I mostly worry about stupid mistakes and that all the crickets would die. I would really appreciate any suggestions. Thank you all.



  • Hello Redsjack, first of all, very nice to see that you're going to start farming crickets :) If I may suggest anything it is to buy (or lend) this paper:

    Methods for rearing the house cricket, Acheta domesticus (L.), along with baseline values for feeding rates, growth rates, development times, and blood composition by Clifford & Woodring

    And to watch this amazing video (but you can also go for more traditional 'Asian' farms):

    I'm very sure it will get you a long way :) As for feed, chick diet is your way to go. It's cheap, widely available and continuously available. Be sure it doesn't contain any form of insecticide for obvious reasons and also that it doesn't contain antibiotics.

    Suggestions for farm shape:

    It could be wise to make a separate room which is more humid than the others for breeding the eggs and raising the <7 days crickets.

    Hope it helps!

  • @EntoJesse

    That video has been removed. Could you provide information about it was about so perhaps I can find another version somewhere?

  • Thank you

  • Some large scale Cambodian cricket farms (each video is more interesting toward ending)=

  • @njp here is another link.

  • The inimitable Mark Rowe's TV exploits included a series of episodes where he's on the job at a commercial cricket farm.

  • Hey guys, what would the industry call a container like the ones seen in the third video? How much would it cost typically and where are the best places to find them?

    Currently our backyard cricket farm uses commercial silicone boxes.


  • HI kong, - those look to me like fiberglass boxes. Someone builds a construction mold & then can use that mold over & over again. The process of making a light weight but rigid piece is to keep layering up the fiberglass cloth with resin (with a very little bit of catalyst) that then cures hard but lightweight.

    A lot of boat repairs & fish catch holding bins to move around on deck are made with fiberglass. You probably can find someone involved with boats who can help you make fiberglass containers any size you specify. The white top layer just has color mixed in with a little bit different final resin proportion impregnating a tighter woven fiberglass cloth layer.

  • If you need many container like those, at least similar ones, I can talk to our supplier. They will send them directly from the Chinese factory at a fraction of the cost.

  • Great info! Thanx

  • hi everyone, where can i sell 3 ton/day cricket (acheta domestica)? im from indonesia

  • hi @rendra , where are you from ? im from indonesia too.

  • hi guys, what is the name for this tower? Any idea where i can get it? Screenshot 2016-08-23 18.34.33

  • edited August 2016

    It is a cardboard bottle separator, but I don't know if that's the actual technical name.

    By the way, how are things going for you @redsjack? :)

  • Hi all, I am from India and due to huge interest in entomophagy I am planning to start commercial insect farm for raising Crickets and sell them an food to the livestock industry. Currently the main problem that i am facing is sourcing cricket eggs that i can incubate and produce Instart. If any of you know where i can source the cricket eggs please let me know. Thanks a lot in advance.

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