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The grasshopper incubation situation



  • Hi gringojay, Big big Thank You for comments and help.Hopefully i ll find a solution.As for now, they still dont mate. I have contaced the breeder that i have bought the grasshoppers from and asked them why this might ne happening, they answered because these are grasshoppers from breeding and their digestive System is shut down! Really dont know what to think regarding to this info. If that is so, how come they manage to breed them? Anyway, i am really grateful for Your help. Have a good day, month,year....

  • Well Sead, - If the supplier administered topical juvenile hormone to your adults this would make the females' develop vitellogenic of their oocytes for breeding purposes of increasing their egg laying rate (although potentially the total number of eggs in each pod laid may be less). A side effect of elevated juvenile hormone is that it reduces the amount of sexual signal odor (pheromone) a female synthesizes; that is if we can extrapolate this dynamic to your kind of locust from another kind of insect's research.

  • edit: above phrasing should be better written to read "... females' vitellogenic development of their oocytes ...."

  • Dear gringojay, I understand completely.I was hoping that it might be something that i can solve. Maybe Martijn, EntoJesse or someone from Europe could recommend where to find female grasshoppers that are not treated with Jh? In all cases, Thank You all, especially gringojay.Have a good day

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