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Dubia roach diet/composting

Would a diet of vegetable farm waste and spent grain provide a sustainable diet for a Dubia roach colony?


  • Hi BugCatcher5, - I do not rear these, however seems doable if extrapolate from Yee, et al. (2018) free full text on-line: “Nutrient composition of Blaptica dubia ... as an alternative protein source.” Quote: referencing Van Huis’ team (2013) conclusion “... easily feed on organic waste materials ...” & this from own “Rearing” section 2.1 the method was “... colonies were supplied with kitchen waste....”

    Maybe you’d be interested in some data (ex: temperature) in Hao Wu’ (2013) thesis titled “Biology of Blaptica dubia”; free full text available on-line. However, the experiments used a “chow” so not exactly what you asked about.

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