Places to Buy Termite Queens & Obscure Arthropods (Diplura, Symphala, Japygidae, Isopteran Queens)

Thinking about breeding termites and it’s quite heavy work digging apart a fallen tree in a forest for 2 hours just to find termites but no queen, I have heard Carolina Biological Supply had termite queens, but not anymore. Also, I wonder if there are any sellers of two-pronged bristletails, forcepstails (larger diplura that look like earwigs and bark beetle larva), symphalans (tiny white soil millipedes) and maybe pauropods, and maybe larger species of thin springtails. I am planning on using some of these micro fauna to make soil ecosystems in some of my vivariums along with isopods and springtails of different sizes. I have also seen and tried breeding jumping bristletails, but they have been known to be hard to breed in captivity and are also small and less practical than firebrats. Springtails and isopods are a must for vivariums, but dipluras and symphalans might be rare and not very useful though they might eat mites. Is it worth it hunting or buying (if possible) these soil-dwelling insects, and should I bother trying to breed termites? I hear termites require ~1k workers to make a gram, but if cooked they could be creamy and delicious, and the queens make thousands of eggs a day. I have access to large enclosures and don’t feel uncomfortable keeping termites in my house as long as the queens are kept inside. Are pauropods and coneheads worth considering, or are the others more notable, or should I just have springtails and isopods? I also have millipedes, greenhouse and psuedopolydesmus, along with giant American millipedes too, I don’t know if they’d be worth keeping with the others. Basically, I just want a healthy vivariums that complements the larger livestock by decomposing the waste and mold, and preferably the mites too, and I am curious about these obscure soil arthropods and if they are worth breeding for vivariums or as even food.

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