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Help with identification of cricket species farmed in Thailand

I came across a species of cricket being farmed in NE Thailand that I wasn't familiar with. I was wondering if anyone else had knows it? Locals called it something like 'e-kong' but I don't speak thai and haven't found anything called that online. E-kong Adults E-kong juv Juvenile Thanks!


  • Adults are large, perhaps 30mm or so. Seemed to have a much lower population density than acheta or bimacultaus but apparently commands higher price due to size and taste

  • Hi Puigy - I think Teleogryllus occipitalis which is farmed in Thailand.

  • See clear pictures of Teleos in (2018) “ A taxonomic study of genus Teleogryllus from East Asia”; available free on-line, originally published in Journal of Asia-Pacific Entomology.

    Fig. 2 is on pg. 670; but also uploaded on Researchgate’s link & called “Teleogryllus spp. iin living condition”. Picture “D” in that set is T. occipitalis.

  • Amazing, thank you!

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