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Giving water to your crickets doesn't have to be difficult

I have farmed crickets the last 3 years. I gave them fresh feed for water then changed to something that is similar to a chicken watering device due to the immense amount of labour required to use fresh feed. But it was still very laborous having to wash dozens of the devices everyday because crickets would drown in water, poop in water, walk on the water and if you don't make sure the water is clean, the crickets won't grow well. So I tried and tried and tried to make something that will make my life easier with the help of others in my team.

The final working solution is so simple it hurts. Now for every kg of cricket produced, I only spend 5-7 minutes for all their feeding and watering needs.

This is how the device look like:

You don't have to suffer the same way I did. Send me a message for some of these!


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