strong wicking material for a locust drinker design

edited January 28 in Bug Farming Questions

I've been experimenting with different designs for a drinker device for locusts. However the struggle is that they chew so hard, that whatever wick I've used so far got completely devoured.

What I’ve tested:

  1. unwoven cotton - gets eaten

  2. cotton cloth - gets eaten

  3. rock wool - gets eaten

  4. kitchen sponge (polyuretane) - gets eaten

  5. steel wool - doesn’t get eaten, but poor wicking action and rusts quickly

  6. shoelaces (I guess that’s nylon) - gets eaten

  7. the material from painter's roller (don't know exactly, but some synthetic polymer) - gets eaten

Anyone have an idea for a material that would wick, but be strong enough to withstand locusts' bite?

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