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Misting the mealworms and beetles

Hi all, I mist my mealworms and beetles with water containing liquid fish and bird vitamins. I also use powdered vitamins and place a few tablespoons in a gallon zip lock bag...and then add my chunks of carrot, potato, and celery. I then 'shake n bake' but then DONT do the baking part...ha the food chunks get covered in the powder...and they all consume it.....therefore they get BOTH misted with water and vitamins, as well as all the food gets coated in powdered vitamins...does anyone else do this? If so, how often should I most them...and powder the food?


  • I am not sure extra vitamin supplementation is of any significant benefit to mealworm larvae or adult beetles. A recent (2017) study indicating this (to me) is worth considering relevant.

    100 grams of wheat bran with a potassium content of 953 mg of potassium, 815 mg of phosphorus & 291 mg of magnesium reared mealworms perfectly fine. When 50 grams of wheat bran was mixed with 50 grams of spent brewer's grain (leftovers from beer brewing) also reared mealworms perfectly fine. Yet the same 100 grams of this feed blend had only 741 mg of potassium, 653 mg of phosphorus & 254 mg of magnesium; in other words the 50:50 blend had less minerals.

    Table 3 of the cited below study shows larval duration, pupal weight & % of pupation occuring under different diets. I am simply directing you to the "control" diet, which is 100% wheat bran, vs. the 50:50 diet mixing spent brewers grain + wheat bran. The general point is that the 50:50 diet reared pupae with greater weight & faster larval development than the 100% wheat bran diet - even though the 50:50 diet had less mineral content.

    Fig. 2 graphs how the larval weight are quite similar over several weeks on both diets, despite mineral content ingested. One thing to consider is how the 50:50 spent brewer's grains + wheat bran had 1.2 times more carbohydrate than wheat bran alone diet did & the structural alteration spent brewer's grain has as a result of beer fermentation.

    Free full pdf is available on-line for "Nutritional analysis of alternative feed ingredients and their effects on larval growth of Tenebrio molitor ....". The Korean team earlier wrote another report that found that just 30% spent brewers grain + 70% wheat bran favored greater pupation & larval weight.

    If you have any home beer brewers nearby maybe this can be a useful tactic. Misting melaworms should be a careful tactic because of the risk of fostering mold getting established.

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