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Heat Mat for Mealworms

I need to regulate the temperature for my mealworms and I see a lot of people talk about heat mats. I'm a little confused as all the reptile ones that I have seen are of the infrared type which heat the animal internally rather than the air. Are these OK or is there a different type I should be searching for?



  • you could use an aquarium heater in a small tub of water (something like the sterilite sweater containers). It should give a decent thermal mass of heat, and could go under your mealworm farm.

  • We have outlines of some options documented on the wiki here:

  • @ Andrew , would u happen to have any photos for the Christmas light heating source

  • @Betsy - we have not tried the christmas light option ourselves - the design outline and wattage->heat calculations were provided by Gringojay in another thread. I recommend digging through some of the older threads, many topics like this have popped up multiple time as we get new participants in the discussion who start questions without finding the original discussion. Ultimately this indicates we need to re-organize / clean up the forum, but in the meantime please do have a look - I think the discussion was named along the lines of "something...supplemental heat...something"...

  • @andrew okay , i will go through threads and i will take a look may take awhile lol but can do. i appreciate your help. looking forward to talking with you all in threads.

  • Also has anyone thought of dog heating pads . To help keep your colony warm .

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