Announcing Open Bug Farm!

Open Bug Farm is a project to create an out-of-the-box, home scale insect farming kit that will allow anyone to start building their own herd of edible bugs.

The farm kit will be entirely open source, with the goal that anyone in the world will be able to build their own farm from readily available materials. As well as the blueprints, the farming processes and control and monitoring technology will also be open source, enabling anyone with access to the information to start growing bugs, collecting data and contributing their learning back to the community.

To make it easy to get started, we'll be making pre-sourced kits available to buy directly. It's our hope that a diverse community of hobbyists and researchers will advance the technology, readying it for deployment where it will make the biggest impact. Imagine an entrepreneur in Africa or Southeast Asia having free access to plans that will enable them to start their own farming business, using "battle-tested" techniques developed by a global community. It's a power that has driven major innovations, from the Linux operating system to the Arduino, applied to a new kind of agriculture.

To deliver the best possible solution, we’re taking a lesson from the technology industry. We know that design is an evolutionary process, and that teams of people working together and openly sharing information are able to develop the most innovative solutions. So instead of building a static, closed product and selling it as is, we are working to create an ecosystem of product, knowledge, community, and service.

For more information, read our blog post introducing Open Bug Farm.

Open Bug Farm is the initiative of Tiny Farms, the edible bug company.
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