Counting Crickets

I am preparing to start sourcing some local pet stores with our crickets and I am trying to figure out weights and volumes for them at each stage in their life, I found one thread in regards to pinheads but other than that was not able to find anything previously posted about this. I am breeding banded crickets (Gryllodes Sigillatus) and I have tried to do my own counts but they seem off to me for some reason.

My 1000 count of 4 week old banded crickets was about 500mL in volume and 175g in Weight, I am wondering if anyone has their own counts that they can give me for comparison, Thank you.


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    Well this is kinda hard count one by one. What you need is a precision scale so you can get a average count of crickets per gram. I have seen using that method of volume, but i dont like it since it may be harmful to pile all crickets on a test tube, if they alive.

    I did my count and got this: All adult crickets (G.sigillatus) 104 Females = 27±0.5g 241 Males = 63±0.5g

    Thats it an average of 0.2596 g per Female and 0.2614g per Male

    However since my scale precision is 1g, i could weight a single cricket. Females tend to be larger than males, but there is come exceptions, got a bit of males that are huge (almost 4cm) and females that barely reach 2cm. Also as you can see,there is a lot more males than female, I didnt manipulate this. Not sure why males are a bit heavier than females, looks like because its fat percentage.

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