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Bought a 50lb bag of oats a couple of weeks ago. Opened it up and they are groats. Can I still use these for my mealworm farm?

Thank you.



  • Hi scrappy907, - Groats retain the bran & other parts of whatever grain chipped from . Just bran is enough for mealworms to go through their life cycles.

    Probably your groats are oats, since sold as oats - even though you might have been expecting oats that were rolled into flat flakes. The issue I see is that very young larval mouth parts may be slow in coping with the groat surface angles & laval development may take relatively more time because groat consumption rate probably influences total nutrient assimilation.

    I'd crush the groats into smaller bits to make it easier for larvae. Then passing what made through a collander/strainer you would get different graduations from groats & can give smallest particles to bins of youngest larvae (if not rearing all in one big group bin).

    If you don't have a grinding mill then layer some groats between 2 slabs of wood (or metal ) & pound over top with hammer (or heavy rock) to shatter them - don't do this on a tile floor or counter. I'd set up an old sheet (or tarp or towel or newspaper) up against a wall (or wall corner) to contain what flys out so can gather that up. A mortar & pestle for this is going to be more work than I'd want to do until used up 50 pounds groats.

  • Thanks for your help. Groats are going to the chickens. Bought some rolled oats even though I do plan to change over to wheat bran at some point.

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