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Dark maealworms powder

Hey guys,

I have a question for you. It's been a while since we've been farming mealworms but I must admit that we are struggling to make a mealworms powder that looks great, not only taste great. The powder that we have is very coarse and dark, like a really dark brown. Here's the processing step:

Fasting for 48 hours Several hours at 3 celcius Blanching Shock Freeze Thawing Oven dry 60 degrees with air circulating Blending

I must say that my powder is very oily too. Is there something that you guys do to make it look better?


  • Hi jfortini, - If you place then in 3°C to euthanize them this may be affecting the subsequent color. Possibly your post-blanching freeze & thaw step is the real culprit,.

    Living tissue when frozen can free up groups of carbon linked to oxygen (carbonyl groups). Carbonyl groups are reactive from their unusual conformation charges in that array (carbon positive & oxygen negative).

    The carbonyl groups can cross-link & then those can oxidize (when you are oven drying). Oxidation is pprobably what is creating your dark color.

    I place my fresh larvae in boiling water & never froze them. The color when milled in water is tan, the sieved out protein/fat are tan & the collected exoskeletons are just a little darker tan.

    I never made that into dried "flour" however, so can not say if my never frozen meal would oxidize as dark as you see.

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