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Are there any photos of this elusive "Kit"?

edited February 2018 in Mealworm Kit Support

I've looked high and low and can't find anything that shows it set up. I saw instructions that seemed to be missing several photos that showed some of the assembly. I want to see it put together so I know what people are talking about. OK - saw one photo but its not very informative. Seems they're using a grow bag. I don't understand why someone wouldn't just use a bin. A little easier to clean/sterilize, no? Is the tent for climate control? What about airflow? Can you heat the tent with the same kinds of heaters reptile owners use? Man this webpage needs work. Can't find anything on it.


  • Hi Growth88, - Since the Kit suggestion many have commented on their own design & there seems to be practical reasons commercial scale rearing would not use grow bags. I have no affiliation with any Kit & can not speak to it's popularity now . I agree the web host Vanilla is poor & Forum site outgrew it's capability.

    I do rear in the TinyFarm grow bags. My thinking is they do give benefits over bins, but the fiddling required managing the material is more clumsy than for bins.

    The following picture link shows they are relatively self clearing of frass. Furtermore, when I harvest a grow bag larvae I just have to turn the mesh bag inside out to dump residual feed/substrate (& residual frass) with larvae (& any pre-pupae/pupae & some cast off "skins") into a collander/strainer for sifting apart. So far I have had no mold to sanitize after & no obvious pathogen vectors to combat (luckily get clean bran & I manage moisture with help from mesh ventilation). Try:

    On a different thread of yours I responded with my thoughts about larval cannibalism. This next picture shows how large larvae vacate their feed/substrate before going pre-pupal & give me evidence about approaching time to harvest that batch; as well as avoiding pre-pupae risked being eaten. The ability to wander out of reared colony density plus the mesh reduction of frass coceivably allow good shift in juvenile hormone levels; & thus less cannibalism. Try:

    There are other pictures n Forum of how I stack up tiers of racked grow bags. The only tent I use is for my breeding beetles, which there are also pictures of. If you do not find them via search engine & want to get ideas let me know. Whether my tactics are ideal is probably questionable & on a commercial scale there is probably too much fiddling involved with mesh handling.

  • The first link was a picture that was just a blur and the second link is dead. If there are links that work, please post them for us. Thanks.

  • edited February 2018

    Use "Web" (not "mobile") version of Forum, type into search bar "pictures", try 2nd page that gets pulled up about 1/2 way down page, see blue title of Forum thread "Commercial insect farming" & will come to pictures of how I set up the grow bags. There is a written explanation of the pictures in a following comment.

    The blurry picture was shot through plastic tub & shows finger pointing to the way frass sifts out the grow bag mesh. I now give more clearance underneath a grow bag - both by not overloading bran & tensioning the 4 bag corners more.

    Repeat: I am not showing the kit, rather my grow bags array. My tiers of plastic tubs having grow bags are not shrouded with fabric that assists humidity control (just keeping light low with breathable agricultural shade cloth).

    Note: 1st set of pictues is my breeders' tent. They get more climate control from me.

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