Calcium Carbonate Effects on Mealworms

what effect would calcium carbonate have on mealworms if it was put in with their substrate? would it kill them or would it be a benefit to the animal it was fed to? i ask this because i also raise composting worms and their food is ground up chicken pellets (non-medicated), calcium carbonate, oatmeal, dry milk & wheat flour...i was going to put some in with the mealies tonight but i can't find information other than it's used sometimes to dust them with before feeding



  • ZWart & Rulkens (1979) "Improving the calcium content of mealworms" (1 page available on-line) found calcium in vitamin mixtures (11-10% Ca) were "... accepted by mealworms but ... calcium carbonate [(40% Ca)] was not palatable....."

  • I did a trial run with about a dozen worms in the subject feed before bed last night and this morning, they are all nearly dead. I guess that was the easy way to test a theory, but I wondered if anyone else had tried something similar. Thank you for the article citing.

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