My first harvest and tasting

Today's meal: Veggie pasta with cinnamon tenebrio molitor.

Farm: Last spring I bought 100 mealworms and now there are many thousands. This week, the first members of generation 3 started pupating, which I decided in the very beginning would be my signal to start harvesting them.

Prep: I pulled out about 20 larvae or so, fed them cinnamon for a full day, froze for another day. I boiled them together with pasta and veggies. No sauces or anything that might distract from the flavour

First reaction: I actually can't even taste the cinnamon. I'm guessing I didn't gut load them long enough, or I should have mixed it with their usual meal.

Regardless, they taste good. It's subtle, but nutty and creamy. Umami I guess? Like peanut butter or something.

In the future I'll experiment with different pairings.

Overall: It was tasty, cheap, and easy to make.


  • I have read crickets fed mint take up that taste.

    Thais cut down protein before culling & feed pumpkin for some days for better taste.

    Maybe you are only doing a "gut loading" by feeding cinnamon for a day & the amount inside at time of cooking is minimal.

    Although my memory is vague on it I think another person used culinary herbs (which I surmise were thyme, basil, &/or rosemary) as diet ingredients.

  • Hmm mint! I'll have to try that.

    This batch of mealworms had about 2 days of gut loading, this time with cinnamon, bran, and parsley. Still no noticeable taste of any of that, although they still have a decent taste alone.

    Today's meal Quinoa salad with mealworms

    I made way more than I expected. It's pretty good though

    I boiled the quinoa, broccoli, and larvae together, although I think in this case I probably should have roasted the worms so they work more like crutons. They kind of get 'lost' in the quinoa, both texture and flavour.


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