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Richard Mille RM 016 automatically extra flat: like the second skin. In titanium.

The RM 016 automatic extra at Richard Miller was launched in 2007, avant-garde independent of the first rectangular wristwatch. Despite its compact size and hollow movement, the RM 016 combines all the high resilience and ruggedness of a Richard Mille watch.


The Richard Miller RM 016 ultra-thin (8.25 mm) lugs are 50 mm from the lugs and 38 mm wide and lighter in wrists than most of their competitors forged carbon fiber and composite materials . RM's watchmaker designed the RM016 as an ultra-thin replacement that has been defined by the brand since its debut in 2001.

The design team at Richard Mille sought to reconcile the traditional anti-seismic and high-tech aesthetics in the catalog with the customer's desire to wear a watch on a formal occasion. For Richard Mille's designers, discretion is a new concept that has prompted the RM team to embrace thinner Greubel Forsey Watches cheap

In order to clear the dress cuffs and polish a more refined (read: lower) profile in a polite company, the RM 016 is cast into the image of a classic 20th-century rectangular watch. Joker Reverso, Cartier Santos and Patek Philippe Chronometre Gondolo models can be identified in the RM 016 models. Thanks to the extremely slim 8.25mm height of this watch, it slides perfectly under the sleeves. For good practice, the ends of the lugs taper down to ensure that the curvature of the sides of the wrist is exactly aligned.

RM 016 is located above the wrist and has an ergonomic well-being of the second layer of skin. The construction of the titanium case and the smallest volume are part of the equation, but Richard Miller's engineers push beyond the limits of conventional measures. The entire RMAS7 movement consists of grade 5 titanium, hollowed out, and cut to a minimum of physical material. In low light conditions, the RM 016 is like the window frame of another Richard Mille RM 061 watches

Richard Mille blends the minimalist style of the RM 016 with a soft, slender strap made of light Kevlar and soft calf leather. Titanium dual deployment buckle provides wrist safety and additional quality reduction.

The Richard Miller RM 016 maintains its guiding philosophy in its compact housing: light and uncompromising. All calibration functions of time are screen printed onto the back of the dial, a traditional dial completely omitted. At seven o'clock, a cautious date window replaced the number. Each structural part of the movement is made of hollow titanium, and the wound rotor has a similar handling on all parts, saving the quality of the platinum winding.

Richard Mille's caliber RMAS7 is equally impressive from a functional point of view. While lightweight and compact in size are at the core of the design compendium, each of the products offered by Richard Mille offers unsurpassed durability. The RM 016 retains the then cousin elastomer-based shock-absorbing chassis that provides the movement with a reliable shock absorber. Similarly, Richard Mille's unique "variable geometry" winding rotor allows the user to specify the winding efficiency of the watch during maintenance; it can be configured more or less based on the activity level of the owner.

In addition to its architecture and rich architecture, the RM 016 also has all the modern standards of luxury products that consumers expect from luxury watches. The self-winding system uses a one-way action to maximize efficiency while the non-lubricated ceramic rotor bearings ensure that the winding quality transfers the maximum share of energy to the winding mechanism. Hackers feature allows precise synchronization to an accurate reference time, double barrel power reserve to ensure that 50 hours of autonomy and balanced torque transfer is very cheap HYT SKULL Watches


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