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What should I feed crickets to be high protein, low carbs (plus some other questions)?

I'm on keto (vegan keto might I add, but since insects don't have the capacity to consciously suffer to my knowledge I'm interested farming them for a wider amino acid profile) and need them to be low in carbs in general. Will it matter what I feed them? I don't really care about taste that much, my sense of taste has been dulled for a long time now hahaha. Oh also: Is it okay to mix cricket flour into a shake and it make it like a protein shake sort of or no? I'm very new to this and don't know much LOL. Also how much in general does it cost per month for you to raise/harvest your crickets in general? (Just an estimate), thanks :)


  • Hi DaMeteor, - Forum thread "Data Resources" has several insect composition references. These are always based on particular test subjects and are not absolute ratios, but good guidelines.

    Feeding high protein diets to insects generally raises their relative protein content. However, there is a cost for clean protein feed stock that is hard to justify economically in the return of insect protein.

    I understand ketogenic (keto) dietary principals. Trying to obtain all of our protein from insects would likely lead in time to certain amino acid insufficiency. Bear in mind some of the bug protein that laboratory data reported are found is tied to the insect chitin & not biologically available to our digestion.

    My impression is that the amount of bug carbohydrate you would ingest, relative to the amount of bug derived protein you feel is appropriate, is not going to be too much carbohydrate for ketogenic dieting. You can use Data Resources charts to actually calculate fairly reliably the carbohydrate content for the total amount of insects propose consuming.

    Since I do not rear crickets I can not tell you rearing costs. Although also not based on personal experience I think you can blend cricket "flour" into liquidd with or without other ingredients for drinking. I blend mealworm larvae (fresh culled, submerged in water, rinsed few times, 5 min. boil, double rinsed, drained, patted dry & refrigerated under whey) into liquids; although not neccessary I loosely strain out chitin flakes before drinking (or adding to things).

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