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Harvesting the eggs


My partner and I have started a small production of 2000 plastic trays of 2710 Some trays are now full of adult beetles. We are respecting the ''7 mating pairs (14 beetles) per 100 in 20 gr. wheat bran'' as suggested by GringoJay.

However, we are wondering how often we should harvest the eggs/bran? Since each time we will harvest, we will keep the bran so it make a full tray of larvas (≈5500 larvas)

In fact, we are wondering if the beatles' egg-laying is constant throw their life cycle?

Thank you so much for your help!


  • edited October 2017

    Hi PerusseMig, - Try entering "oviposition" into Forum search engine on right side of when viewing in "Web" version (select at bottom left page). There are quotations & text links about managing egg laying (oviposition).

    I personally try to "harvest" bran eggs laid in every 7 days so the larvae in a group are not too different in weight because they are reasonably close in age. I have sometimes not met that time span & let hings go for 10 days, which created some percent of pupation starting.

    Although I do not know it for certain I assume commercial mealworm operations collect eggs after much shorter time in order to have close age mates growing to similar weights & also to lose less eggs being eaten. In this scenario a 3 day cycle of egg collection (moving breeding adults out of the bran) could be what commercial ventures perform.

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