Agriculture vs hunting/gathering

Last night, a stinkbug found it's way inside my house. I don't think I've ever seen one before, but my kneejerk thought was: "how do you farm those?"

As usual, I googled it.

And as usual, there was almost nothing. I keep finding articles about people hunting and gathering bugs, but farming anything aside from mealworms and crickets seems relatively rare. As a Canadian who grew up in farmland, I can't understand it.

Are there more economic barriers to people farming bugs compared to catching them? Is it just easier to find them in the wild in some places?


  • Hi EntoAaron, There is a Forum thread "Stink Bug".

    My impression is wild collection is cheaper to do seasonally. The money to be made rearing insects as food for reptile owners is possibly the major factor that made investment in bug farming start. Since mealworms & crickets are suitable their relative ease of feeding made them profitable enough.

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