Purchasing live BSFL or BSF eggs

I have been trying to get hold of a supplier to send me a small quantity of bsf eggs or live larvae for a while with no success.

If you know of a supplier or an individual willing to sell and send me either of the two to Morocco through a tiny DHL package or the like I would be thankful. If it does not pass the customs I will be responsible not the supplier.

I will be visiting New York, Montreal and Ottawa in a week from now. If you know someone who has either eggs or live larvae for sale I would be interested to purchase them directly. (Not ideal cities for bsf rearing :p)

Capturing them here is not an option as its the end of fall and the beginning of winter here.

If anyone knows the ideal travelling conditions for the eggs or the live larvae please share it with us. I'm guessing eggs are more hardy?

All the best,


  • Forum has been down for me so am seeing your question only now. My thinking is you would be able to contact the SouthAfrican 2017 thesis writer I linked you on thread "mealworm vs. bsf" Devon Brits through Stellenbosh University for getting fresh eggs.

    EBay in USA offers live bsf larvae, but exactly who best to deal with can not say.

    It is no longer really bsf in the wild the right tempersture for egg laying in the USA. In the southern state of Missouri this person dre(at)bsoldierfly.com may still be breeding new stock, telephone (?) 816 area code -522-5764. Since you would not be a competitor when home in Morocco maybe you could get eggs.

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