what kind of worm?

hi everybody...

what kind of worm?


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    Hi mkadir, - The "lesser" mealworm is not the same as the more commonly reared "yellow" mealworm, although both are sometimes just refered to as "darkling" beetles. There are lots of on-line pictures & entomology descriptions using the scientific name you can find.

    My impression is your videos are of "lesser" mealworm larvae (& possibly their adult beetles) because, unlike "yellow" mealworm larvae, they do move fast. This variety of larvae average 5.8 - 6.2 mm (approximately 1/4 inch) in length, making their size "less" than the "yellow" ones.

    Yellow colored "hairs" cover the 2 feelers (antennae) of the "lesser" mealworm larvae. If you can get a magnified look at that it would help in identification.

    There is a Forum thread "Are these lesser mwalworm beetles with my yellow mealworm larvae."

  • Thank you very much.

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